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Connection is one of the words we like the most. Making new connections is as important as staying connected.


One of the ways to make new connections, while keeping the previous, is organizing meetings and workshops.


NSV organizes international summits all over Europe with the purpose of giving voice to new waves and products in sport's world.

During the years the NSV network has grown a lot, that's the explanation for the caliber of the speakers and the audience.

The first step  is to find the right themes which are actual and have the potential to make changes in the near future. The second step is to find the right speakers, who have great skills and knowledge. The third step is to find the right audience, that can comprehend the messages and use them from the very next day after the event.  


The workshops have always an eclectic content, because NSV wants to preserve an axis in which strongly believes: culture-sport-art.


This is the reason why during all the  workshops  an artistic exhibition is installed. Sport is the art of motion, at any level it's played, and without motion there is no art.   

If you are interested in making an event with us or to host an NSV event, contact us.

To learn more don't hesitate to contact us too.  

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