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NewSportVision is a new approach regarding the sport practice throughout the new products and services (see NSV Activities).


NewSportVision promotes sports practice as an act of personal expression and personal culture.


NewSportVision products and services aim to satisfy every specific need of any athlete (professional or not) , any sports organization or institution, school or university, any company or businessman, always regarding their sports activities or activities in some connection with sport (see NSV Help Desk).

NewSportVision Concept has a deep and long roots. In the first and the deepest part of the NewSportVision background and history you'll find the first private basketball school in Europe: BasketBam (6 April 1989, Belgrade - Yugoslavia).


After the great success in Yugoslavia the concept of small basketball school became pan-European basketball movement (BAM Movement) devoted to the development of a youth basketball (especially for the most numerous category of players aged 12-15 years).

Basket BAM





33 European countries took part in the BAM Movement Program. International Basketball Federation (FIBA) officially recognized the BAM Movement (1999, Malta). Actual system of the youth official competition  (European Championships) is based on the BAM Movement Concept established on the end of the previous century (for more informationvisit or consult the book "Sport del Futuro?").


Advanced stage and actual fase of the development of the BAM Movement Concept brings a new title/name: NewSportVision. New period starts with the organization of the International Summit titled "Il Ruolo del Genitore nello Sport" ( 5 April 2014, Milano).


The reasons for choosing that date are clear, simple and significant: 25th anniversary of the BAM Movement and the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (6 April of every Year) proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in August 2013.

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