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"Verba volant. Scripta manent.". It sounds good but is not the reason why we are writing books.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get somewhere, almost a life time. There is no chance to tell most people what you have achieved and conquered in your experience, so best way to tell to most people what you want is to write, then people will decide if your story is worth their time.

The themes are many and also the authors. Our goal is to have a literature that permits our readers to be inspired and motivated to invest in sport. Money is not the only thing that can be object of an investment.


NSV has specific manuals for investing "money&not" in sport. Those books are based on multi-sector and long studies.


The year 2018 will be the one in which we'll make a big exit in terms of books.


First edition will be "Articulation on New Interests in Sport & Management".


If you want to be part of the story or if you want to be a partner of the project contact us.


To learn more contact us too. 

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